Creating a standout premium Swedish cider brand for Parfetts

Parfetts have never before sold own-label products but with sales seeing a huge increase since COVID, now felt like the perfect time to set themselves apart and push forward to encourage continued growth going forward.

/ Creating the brand

Beginning with market research and a full audit of the sector we wanted to create something that competed with the likes of Koppaberg and Rekordelig, not a copy-cat version of the two. We wanted to create a feel-good brand that felt premium but accessible too. The name – Solsken – really set the creative up from the outset. Solsken, the Swedish name for sunshine encapsulated everything we wanted this brand to stand for – good times, summer days, long evenings and gathering with friends until the sun goes down.
/ Setting ourselves apart

Setting ourselves apart from the big brands, we created bespoke illustrations for the bottles and cans using freehand pencil and watercolours to add to the free-spirited but crafted nature of the product. This creative was then developed to work two flavours – Strawberry and Lime and Mixed Fruits – across bottle labels, cans and boxes.
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