Designing and building Slack’s interactive demo experience

We partnered with Slack to build an interactive demo of their communications-centered product, showcasing its benefits while educating prospective enterprise buyers.

The demo is Slack’s primary sales tool to connect with new users.

/ Audience Appeal

Our challenge was to design the demo in a way that would engage three completely different audiences. These audiences include individuals who are not familiar with Slack, users who aren’t aware of all the product’s features, and business leaders who are seeking a resource to improve company communication and collaboration.
/ Intuitive Design

We created an efficient and understandable onboarding process to allow users to easily navigate the product.
/ Optimized for Every Screen

We paid special attention to breakpoints and screen resizing throughout the design and development process, ensuring users would be able to access the content no matter where or how.
/ Design Strategy

We developed several concepts to construct the visual narrative and create the best possible demo experience.
/ Localization

Localization involves not only translating content into other languages but also adapting it to align with design trends specific to the region. For this, we take UX patterns and even the size of the components into consideration.
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