Web design and branding for a revolutionary blockchain platform

DFINITY is at the forefront of developing public blockchain technology.

Our multi-year partnership with their team has led to the designing and development of several versions of the website, each tailored to specific target audiences.

/ Defining the Next Era of Computing

To highlight the significance of DFINITY’s global computer vision, our initial design was centered on the scale of the new computer. We utilized dynamic motion design and a bold color scheme across the website — ensuring an accessible and engaging exploration of the organization’s offerings for new users.
/ Exploring the Digital Universe

Leveraging a clean visual metaphor to represent code, each cube signifies a fragment of code or an individual project. The design integrates cubes that can communicate with one another, highlighting the seamless exchange of information among websites and programs.
/ Our Second Iteration of the Design

Upon revisiting the design, our objective was to appeal to an audience of younger blockchain entrepreneurs. Through the innovation of a new visual aesthetic based on the interference effect, we quickly transformed the website, incorporating animated intersecting lines. This dynamic design approach resulted in a ripple effect, generating an endlessly evolving pattern as users scroll.
/ Custom 2D Illustrations

We designed custom 2D illustrations in a diagram style to effectively convey complex concepts — reinforcing the technicality of the project.
/ The Latest Website Version

After gaining insight into the needs of the website, our latest iteration of the design is intended for a wider audience, including media and other organizations.
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