Design system for a crypto asset intelligence solution

Nuant collaborated with Design Zilla to develop a platform that combines decentralized and traditional finance.

The product offers a comprehensive range of investment and analytical tools, accompanied by a unique visual identity that forms the foundation for its design in both light and dark modes.

/ An Elegant Fintech Experience

Our challenge was to present the platform’s intelligence in a clear, user-friendly manner, which we accomplished through intuitive design and robust data visualization.
/ Evolving the Visual Design

We expanded Nuant Orb’s unique visual identity throughout the product, ensuring a consistent look and feel that aligns with the brand.
/ Dark Mode: Enhancing Personalization

Our dark theme not only improves visibility in low-light environments, but also delivers a personalized experience while maintaining visual consistency with the light theme.
/ Custom Iconography

We created an extensive set of icons to provide visual cues to users, strengthening the overall usability and UX of the product.
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