Brand Identity
Content Strategy
Web Design & Development

A new brand of personal protection products

Palmpalm, a brand-new line of sanitization products developed during the pandemic, hired us to create their logo, website, packaging, and social media assets.
By using designs that evoke a cool SoCal vibe, we showcased the brand as being desirable to use while distinguishing their products from others in the industry.

Fresh Product Presentation

By emphasizing the product’s visual style using 3D models, the website offers a realistic
and immersive experience. We aimed to evoke a strong desire to interact with the products.

A Socal-Inspired Aesthetic

To connect the products with on-the-go usage, the visual identity draws inspiration from the allure of Venice Beach’s sunset.
This provides a visual narrative that reflects the essence of the California beach culture and outdoor lifestyle.

Effective E-commerce

Our goal was to highlight the product advantages and make purchases as simple as possible.
It was also important for the design to stand out from competitors’ sites.

Package Design

Our packaging design and product visualization were actively used both on the
website and the brand’s social channels.

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